What Marketing Is Not

There are many things that people claim to be good marketing. This short presentation outlines 7 tell tale signs that something is NOT good marketing.

What Marketing Is Not

Click the play button below to see the 7 tell tale signs that marketing being done is NOT good marketing.




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My name is . I work at Profitworks Small Business Services helping various business-to-business small businesses in Waterloo and Kitchener Ontario generate new customers via our full marketing & sales service, our website traffic and sales service and our marketing plan services. Feel free to connect with me on  or learning more about Profitworks by visiting our Google+ Page. If you are interested in getting new customers for your small businesses enter your email in the box provided below and click the "Send Me Free Marketing Insights" button.

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Profitworks Small Business Services Inc. is a business aid company focused on helping small businesses generate new customers. Our primary line of business is offering joint sales and marketing plan development, execution, tracking and evaluation for small to medium sized businesses in Waterloo Region. We work on a pay for performance basis, which means we only expect to be paid if we have created more profit for you. This ensures you get a guaranteed return on investment when working with us.


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