Increase Website Traffic

Turn Website Traffic Into Sales

Increase Website Traffic


Turn Website Traffic Into Sales


Improve Search Engine Rankings

Learn About The Return On Investment

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Learn About Return On Investment



"Profitworks has delivered on every commitment made. Instead of paying per click, they have rebuilt our content to organically rise to the top of the search page” - Tim  Business Owner & Customer

"Profitworks is always measuring, communicating and improving. We couldn't have found a better company" - Chris  Business Owner & Customer

"I've found Profitworks to be tenacious and adaptable to the challenges our industry posses" - Blair  Business Owner & Customer


Who Our Service Is Not For

Profitworks specializes in providing marketing solutions to small businesses who see the web as a sales medium priority. If you meet the following criteria, please do not contact us.

  • People who are not concerned about getting a positive return on investment
  • People who do not like doing business meetings over Webex and/or video conference
  • People who think their website is not important to their business
  • People who do not put a high importance on customer service within their own business
  • Businesses that the average value per sale is less than $3,000


Why Profitworks Was Started

The reason Profitworks was provide small businesses with a marketing company option that would actually track and report ROI (return on investment) metrics to its customers. To learn more click here


Resources & Tools

Below is a collection of some of our most popular resources and tools. 


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Profitworks Small Business Services Inc. is a business aid company focused on helping small businesses generate new customers. Our primary line of business is offering joint sales and marketing plan development, execution, tracking and evaluation for small to medium sized businesses in Waterloo Region. We work on a pay for performance basis, which means we only expect to be paid if we have created more profit for you. This ensures you get a guaranteed return on investment when working with us.


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