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The simplest and easiest to use account software for small business. Period.

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The Manual Features - click here to view the manual in your browser

- easy to ready step by step instructions created by actual product users

- simplicity....the entire manual is only 6 pages long

- revised over 3 years for the easiest to follow instructions

- includes video instructions that you can watch online from any computer connected to the internet

- continually updated from feedback we get from users


Benefits of Profitworks' Easy to Use Accounting Software

- FREE (FREE forever, no monthly fees, no shipping charges, no future costs or charges)

- easy to learn and use (built in Excel, anyone who knows how to use Excel can quickly learn this accounting program)

- flexibility to build your own reports (by being built in Excel all the information is available for you to create your own reports)

- mobility (you can easily transfer your accounting system to any computer as it is one single Excel file)

- existing yet fully customizable reports including balance sheet, income statement, budget and an invoice tracking report

- data security (you are not required to upload your confidential financial information to a 3rd party online)

- no email or contact information required for download

- already downloaded by over 5,000 people


Reporting Capabilities

- Income Statement (by any year, by any month, by total business or by any division of your business)

- Income Statement vs Budget (by any year, by any month, by total business or by any division of your business)

- Balance Sheet (by any year, by any month, by total business or by any division of your business)

- Invoicing Tracking (track who owes you money, when the money is due and if you have any account receivables that are past due)

- Plus the flexibility to pull any data you want and create custom reports that look anyway you want


Screen Shots


Balance Sheet Screen Shot Easy To Use Accounting Software General Ledger Easy To Use Accounting Software Manual



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