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    Download - The Top 3 Things That Will Improve Your Online Advertising ROI

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  • Find The Top SEO Companies The Easy And Quick Way

    Find The Top SEO Companies The Easy And Quick Way

    The top SEO companies on the market may not be who you think they are. This podcast outlines very clearly how to determine who the best companies are. If you think we might be the best SEO company for your business feel free to contact us to see if we would be a good fit for you. Even if you don't choose to contact us hopefully we have helped you find a better SEO company that will deliver a positive return on investment for your business. Be sure to read the bottom on this article as well where it shows how to calculate the ROI for your SEO provider. 

    The Best SEO Services


  • Learn About The Return On Investment

    Learn About The Return On Investment Of SEO

     Use Profitworks' search engine optimization and conversion optimization services to grow your business' revenue.

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    The Definition Of Return On Investment (ROI)

    Return on investment is a measure of how profitable something is. It is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. To calculate return on investment (ROI), the benefit or return (ie. profit) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

    Marketing ROI = (Additional Profit From Marketing - Cost of Marketing)/Cost Of Marketing


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    Why Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) Delivers Such A Good ROI

    Pay Once Recurring Benefit Marketing Method

    Most marketing methods a are a pay once benefit once marketing method. For example you pay once to have an add in a newspaper and once your ad runs the benefit from that marketing spend ends. With search engine optimization it is a pay once, benefit indefinitely marketing method. That is that the benefit you receive from the search engine optimization you do today will benefit your business tomorrow, and the day after and the day after etc. Since SEO delivers this type of recurring benefit it continuously delivers additional sales for your business for that single amount of SEO work. If you are doing SEO work continuously on your website the recurring benefit compounds and grows each month. Since SEO is unlike most other marketing methods in this regard, it leads to a higher than average ROI. If you would like to get the power of SEO working for your business click here to book an appointment to discuss and see if our services would be a good fit for your business. 


    The Buying Process Today

    Today 93% of purchases start with an internet search*. As such it is paramount that your website rank high in search engines for what search phrases buyers are searching. Given that search is where most people look to when they want to buy something it is no surprise that search engine optimization has a higher than average return on investment among marketing mediums.

    *Source: Marketo:


    Low Cost Per Impression

    The average cost per marketing impression is over $8.00 for television, over $6.00 for magazines and over $4.00 for radio. The cost per impression for long term website optimization is usually under $2.00 per impression. Search engine optimization is a much lower cost medium to have your message presented to potential buyers. Since the cost to display your message to buyers is so much lower with search engine optimization it makes generating a higher return on investment much easier. To learn more about how SEO compares to other marketing methods book an appointment with us to discuss. 


    SEO Is A Very Interactive Marketing Method With Endless Possibilities

    The amount of things you can do on a website is almost endless. On a website you can display things visually with static images, you can show videos, you can make objects move, you can play music or other audio. Many marketing methods are limited to either static images (ie magazines, direct mail), sound (ie. radio) or video with no interaction (ie. TV). With a website you can do all of this and allow the prospective buyer to interact with your content. When interacting with the content the prospective buyer can select what topic or product they would like more information on, which is not the case in many other marketing methods. Since websites are so much more interactive than many other marketing methods it gives SEO a distinct advantage to delivering a higher ROI. 


    Better Tracking And Analysis Tools Than Other Marketing Methods

    With our service we employ very detailed tracking and analysis tools using the power of IP technology and the internet. These tools allow us to have much more accurate tracking tools to draw a direct connection between how the visitor found your website, what they did on your website and track the resulting sales impact from your website. Hands down search engine optimization provides the greatest amount of data, tracking and analysis tools of any marketing method, hands down. No more guessing as to the impact your marketing is having. With your tools we can show you exactly how much it has increased sales. If you would like to learn more about how we can implement these tools and processes for your website, contact us today


    If you don't fully understand what we do or what the definitions are of some of the terms we have referenced on this page that is okay. We would be happy to discuss with you, explain things further and educate you a little bit about the basics of search engine optimization. You can also learn the basics of search engine optimization by clicking here. If you prefer to talk to someone rather than read give us a call to learn more about search engine optimization and how it works. We are always open to discussing with people to help them understand SEO. 


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  • Marketing Channels and Methods That Generate the Best Quality Leads

    Marketing Channels and Methods That Generate the Best Quality Leads

    The top marketing channels for the best percentage of high quality leads are trade shows, events, email marketing and referral/advocate marketing. When you look at which methods also have the best return on investment the best methods are referral/advocate marketing, email marketing, events, and search engine optimization. Marketing can be done through a wide range of channels/methods and there are various tactics for each channel that will all yield different results based on many different factors. This article and podcast will provide insights into which marketing channels/methods are on average the best for a business to use. The information in this article is based on Profitworks' experience providing marketing services to our clients, as well as various third-party studies that have been done on the effectiveness of marketing channels.

    marketing channels and methods that generate the best quality leads


  • Marketing Return On Investment - What Is A Benchmark Average And What Marketing Methods Have The Best ROI?

    Marketing Return on Investment: What is a Benchmark Average and What Marketing Methods Have the Best ROI?

    In this blog article and podcast we are going to talk the return on investment from different marketing methods. We will discuss the industry ROI averages for different methods and give a conclusion on which method has the best ROI. At the bottom of this blog post, we point out what marketing method has the best average return on investment. 

    marketing roi benchmarks


  • Marketing ROI & Marketing Attribution Models - An Interview With Fabian Eckstrom-French from Bizible

    Marketing ROI, Marketing Attribution, & Marketing Ideas - An Interview With Fabian Eckstrom-French from Bizible

    On average firms get 1.5X revenue to marketing spend. this is just one great piece of information shared in this podcast. In this podcast, Fabian Eckstrom-French from Bizible shares that word of mouth, SEO, and email marketing tend to be the most effective marketing methods for businesses. Read this article or listen to the podcast to learn the most effective marketing for five specific industries. In addition, he explains why the best marketing attribution model is often a custom model or full path marketing attribution model. 

    Profitworks provides marketing services specializing in Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to any business. If you're interested in giving your website a boost, click here to get in contact with us today!


    bizible marketing ROI


  • Marketing ROI by Marketing Method & Cost Per Impression

    Marketing ROI by Marketing Method & Cost Per Impression

    In this podcast I discuss the ROI we have seen over the past four years by marketing method for our own business and our clients. If after you listen to this information you want to have a discussion, we would be happy to talk, just send us an email or give us a call. In this podcast I review and explain the results, I list the 5 best marketing methods for ROI and also highlight the worst 5 marketing methods that you will want to avoid.

    Return On Investment By Marketing Method


  • ROI Calculation of Website Videos

    ROI Calculation of Website Videos

    In this blog article and podcast, we are going to discuss the ROI that can be gained from website videos and use several hypothetical examples to explore the topic. The article will go through how to measure success, ROI calculation, what your video should have, why videos are important, examples of bankable videos, and lastly a conclusion about different video types.

    web video return on investment


  • ROI Of Organic SEO Traffic +275% vs Social Media Traffic -90%

    ROI Of Organic SEO Traffic +275% vs Social Media Traffic -90%

    In this podcast we compare the return on investment of organic traffic (which is generated by search engine optimization) and social media traffic (which is generated by social media activities or social media advertising). From our research one appears to have a great return on investment for businesses and the other is terrible. This is extremely surprising given both seem to be all the hype in the last few years in the small business community, on blogs and from marketing speakers. A large portion of businesses are being misguided, wasting a lot of money, time, and energy that is not benefiting their business.

    If you would like an audit of your search engine optimization and social media activities, contact us to book an appointment to discuss. If you are not familiar with any of the terms referenced in this article, scroll down to the bottom of the article where you can find detailed descriptions explaining each term. 

    organic traffic vs social media traffic


  • ROI of SEO vs PPC (Pay Per Click Search Advertising) - The Compounding Power of Search Engine Optimization Explained

    ROI of SEO vs PPC (Pay Per Click Search Advertising) - The Compounding Power of Search Engine Optimization Explained

    In this blog article and podcast, we are going to talk about the ROI of search engine optimization (known as SEO) versus the ROI of pay per click advertising (known as PPC). The goal of this blog article and podcast is to clearly show which has the better return on investment, and explain the compounding power of search engine optimization in a simple, easy to understand explanation.

    ROI of SEO vs PPC


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  • The Smart Passive Income Blog By Pat Flynn - Website Marketing ROI Case Study

    The Smart Passive Income Blog By Pat Flynn - Website Marketing ROI Case Study

    Websites can drive significant ROI for a business. Especially blogging and having a podcast if they offer high value content that your target market is desiring. A prefect example of this in action is The Smart Passive Income Blog & Podcast by Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is an online marketing genius and many of the things I have learned about website marketing has come from him. In this blog article we take a look at the ROI he has been able to generate blogging and recording Podcasts.

    ROI Case Study

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    We Can Increase The Sales From Your Website

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    Sales Results

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    From Our Services You Can Expect Over $2.00 In Profit For Every Dollar Spent

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