Keurig Coffee Machines And K Cups


If you are looking for anything related to Keurig coffee machines and K cups in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge or Guelph Profitworks has a great partner that can meet your every need. Profitworks' coffee partner Gold Roast has their head quarters in Waterloo, which can be nice knowing you are dealing with a locally based small business that is privately owned.


FREE Trial

Try Keurig coffee free for a week. Just send us a note indicating you are interested or give us a call to discuss at (519) 880-8675.


Keurig Coffee Service

- Delivery of K cups, tea and any other needed supplies for your office drinks

- Keurig coffee machine provided at NO COST

- Machine repair and maintenance provided at NO COST

- Great for offices of any size and food service establishments

- Deliver to businesses located in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding area


Keurig Coffee Machines

- for those offices or establishments that wish to purchase their own Keurig machine, that option is provided as well

- come visit their show room to view the various Keurig machines we carry, the showroom is located at 550 Parkside Drive, Waterloo On, N2L 5V4


Keurig K Cups

Gold Roast is your local supplier and destination for K cups with access to over 200 different flavours

- come visit their showroom to try and of the different drinks for free, it is located at 550 Parkside Drive, Waterloo On, N2L 5V4

- Brand name coffee and teas like Timothy’s, Green Mountain and Celestial Sensation

- In addition to brewing coffee, tea & apple cider it can also brew summer drinks like iced tea and iced coffee


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To learn more, have your questions answered or to place and order concerning the Keurig coffee machines and K cups in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph or the surrounding area Contact Us today.


At any time you can get a one week FREE trial of Gold Roast's coffee services. Just send us a note indicating what you are interested in or give us a call to discuss at (519) 880-8675. We do not charge a mark-up and will put you directly in contact with  Gold Roast.



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